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Spray Tan Savannah

Faux Glow of Savannah, Ga. has a new look!

by Nickolette McCafferty on 03/10/12

Many of you know that I started my Faux Glow Bronzing Studio business on my own. I didn't consult about decorating or paint colors or anything like that. I just sort of jumped in and worked with what I had to make the studio work for me.
And it has! But, it needed a change. A little face-lift and shape-up!
Really, some new paint, a little wallpaper, new sign and some new accessories. It's been worked on for a bit and now it is all ready for the Spring spray tan season here in Savannah, Ga.
I love it! I think it has a calming feel to it. I hope you love it too!
My hours continue to be the same as last year with late appointments available on Thursdays by appointment only.
The warm weather here in Savannah, Ga. is just around the corner. Schedule your spray tan today and be ready for it!
Call or text me for your appointment...912.484.7999

Faux Glow spray tan before and after photo.

by Nickolette McCafferty on 03/10/12

Our tans typically last about a week, often longer when well prepared and maintained. Visit our website for more information.

Your Faux Glow Spray Tan Experience

by Nickolette McCafferty on 03/10/12

Are you curious about what happens when you come in for a spray tan? Today I want to walk you through the basic steps...
When you come into Faux Glow Bronzing Studio we’ll first talk about what you want and how you would like to look after your tan...barely a touch of color, a light golden bronze or a darker look? I will assess your skin tone and with your preferences we'll customize your Faux Glow.
Next you will step into a private area and undress. You can wear disposable spa undergarments, your own underwear, bathing suit bottom or nothing at all. I do advise that you bring in dark clothing to wear so the tanning spray does not get on any light colored items.
Your nails will be gently covered as will your hair, to prevent discoloration. You will stand on a towel and I will talk you through the positions we will use to achieve your all over custom spray tan.
The actual spraying takes several minutes and you will feel a cool misting sensation as the solution is applied. I will walk you through all body areas and give you advance notice of what you need to do. It’s really very easy! 
When we finish spraying I will post-prep your nails and after a few minutes of drying you will be ready to get dressed! 
You will leave Faux Glow Bronzing Studio looking lightly tan and, depending on your customization, your color will deepen as the day goes on. Let your color settle for 8 to 10 hours before showering and then enjoy that gorgeous glow! Your satisfaction is guaranteed and with the proper care of your spray tan you can enjoy it for the next 5 to 7 days.
Do you have more questions? Please check out the How To Prepare tab on my blog fauxglowbronzingstudio.blogspot.com for more Frequently Asked Questions about sunless spray tans.

Are you ready to schedule your Faux Glow? Call or text me at 912.484.7999...and check out my website fauxglowbronzingstudio.com . I am looking forward to seeing you!

California Bans Tanning Beds for Minors

by Nickolette McCafferty on 03/10/12

Media outlets have been talking about the new teen tanning bed law passed by California Governor Jerry Brown.  If you haven't heard about it this new law signed Sunday 9 October 2011 (effective January 1) bans anyone under the age of 18 from using an indoor tanning bed in the state of California.
California is the first state to introduce a bill of this kind- banning anyone under the age of 18 from using a tanning bed. Currently there are more than 25 other states that have age-restrictions in place for teen tanning (most of which require parental consent for teen tanners aged 14-17) With incidences of many different types of skin cancer on the rise there is little doubt that full bans on teen tanning will become the norm in most other states.
The new law has the American Academy of Dermatology applauding.  The academy has cited that previous research shows that people who have been exposed to UV radiation from indoor tanning have 75% higher risk  for melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer, as well as many other types.
What is person to do to get a tan? Look no further than a spray on tan! Quick, convenient, temporary and most important- safe! Spray on tans are the easiest and safest way to get a gorgeous bronze glow without the worry or effort of tanning from the sun or tanning beds. Spray tanning gives your skin a beautiful bronze color by using DHA, a natural ingredient derived from sugarcane.  The DHA reacts with the outer layer of your skin to produce your tan. Naturally!  
This new law may well be the spark that ignites people to begin looking at the damages UV exposure can have on this beautiful and vital organ- skin! Spray tanning is the healthiest and quickest alternative available today to get a healthy, gorgeous glow!
I love to meet new people and to see them leave my studio happy and confident with their new tan! Check out my website for all your questions on spray tanning and then call me to schedule your glow!

Faux Glow Bronzing Studio
912.484.7999 to schedule your tan!

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Savannah Morning News Daily Deal!

by Nickolette McCafferty on 03/10/12

I have great news! On Thursday, January 27th Faux Glow Bronzing Studio is going to be the featured Daily Deal on www.savannahnow.com. We are offering a fantastic deal to warm up your cold, grey January days! Plunge your skin into Spring with 50% off a custom spray tan! Yes...You read that correctly! 50% off! A Faux Glow tan looks natural and doesn't  have the orange or streaky look of other artificial tanners.  One Faux Glow session will give you the gorgeous "just off the beach" color you want, customized for your skin tone. It's the perfect winter pick-me-up! 
This is a great deal and won't last long so grab one while you can! Check out the deal on www.savannahnow.com.
I can't wait to schedule your spray on tan!

It's Springtime In Savannah, Ga

by Nickolette McCafferty on 03/10/12

The trees are all blooming, the gorgeous azaleas are showing their beautiful blossoms and the warm sun is coming back to visit us! St. Patrick's Day has come and gone and with that signals the entrance of warmer weather. Spring is finally here in Savannah, Ga!
You know what that means? Warm weather = shorts, skirts, tank tops and flip flops...and of course that new bathing suit that you look so great in!
Is your skin ready to be seen after hiding out all winter under your cold weather clothes? A Faux Glow Spray Tan can help remedy your pale winter skin. In under 20 minutes you can have a fabulous 'just off the beach' glow in time for the festivities of the weekend! Check out our website for all the details at 
www.fauxglowbronzingstudio.com and then give me a call.
My tan is fast with color complete 8-10 hours after application - any of those tanning
beds will require several visits to come even close to the color I can give you in under 20 minutes!
My schedule is very flexible at Faux Glow Bronzing Studio and I can get you bronzed, glowing and beautiful with a Spray On Tan in 20 minutes! Call me to schedule an appointment and I promise, you will not be disappointed! My tan will give you beautiful color...nothing orange or blotchy...guaranteed!
Call today! 912.484.7999

                                                                                                                                CALL OR TEXT FOR AN APPOINTMENT
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