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How long after my spray tan can I go into water or exercise?

    We recommend about 8 to 10 hours. It really depends on the person and your activities after the session. The longer your skin cells are exposed to water the lighter your tan will get.  Also, make sure to moisturize every day to prolong your tan! 

How to prepare for a spray tan

    One of the most important things to do before coming is to exfoliate your body and face. Use simple soap and water with a loofah because exfoliating products have moisturizer in them. This will make your tan more thorough and last longer.  There are 2 more important things to do.  One is to shave whatever you NORMALLY shave.  The other thing is to refrain from wearing any deodorant, perfume and moisturizer.  Remember, the cleaner the skin, the better.

Will a spray tan protect me from getting sunburn?

    No! When going into the sun, you should ALWAYS wear SPF skin protection. 

What clothes should I wear?

    Come to your session in loose fitting, dark clothing and a pair of flip flops. Bring a towel to lay down on your car seat too. 

Do you spray tan men?

    Of course.  

What do guys wear for a session?

    Whatever swimsuit and shorts you would like to be seen in.

Can anyone spray tan?

    Pregnant women, individuals with diabetes or severe asthma 
should consult a physician before spray tanning


Why get a Faux Glow Tan?

    These days people don't have time to lay in the sun and tanning beds are cancerous. Faux Glow Bronzing Studio delivers a natural looking tan without the sun! Get a Faux Glow before your next event and everyone will ask you "Wow, you look so good, what's different about you?"

How long does a Faux Glow Tan last?

    With proper care your tan should last 5 to 10 days, depending on how well you take care of it. 
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